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Mayoko v1.1.0

Mayoko v1.1.0

Welcome to the world's largest file search engine!

If you have ever searched for, sent or received any files online, you've probably heard of RapidShare - the world's premium site for uploading files. Literally millions of files are uploaded to RapidShare every day; from photos and movies, to music albums, to software packages. But there is onlyne one problem... RapidShare doesn't allow you to search their files. So if you are looking for something specific, you don't know where to go.

And here's our solution!

We have built a sophisticated software that locates RapidShare file links on the Web and allows you to search for them. Your only task is to enter your keywords, such as movie title, actress name, song or album title, and so on. Our software will browse through the Web looking for RapidShare links with your keywords in the title or description, and will present you a comprehensive list with results.

The whole RapidShare world - at your fingertips...

Our software allows you to search the 3.5 Petabytes (yes, that's 3,500,000,000,000,000 bytes!) of files that are stored on RapidShare servers. From now on, whatever file you want to find, you'll get it there.

MiniPE v2k5 09 03-XT UPDATED 18Dec2007

This CD is meant to "autoboot" meaning that when the CD is placed in the tray, and your computer is rebooted or turned off/on, the system will boot to the OS located on the CD. You may have to change some BIOS settings if your computer does not look to the CD before the HD for system booting. You may also have to press a key during boot to bring up a menu to choose your boot device.

Note: My philosophy is that this is mainly a Rescue CD, and not a replacement Operating System. As such, some apps will almost certainly not be updated as they perform well in this environment, and updating will only serve to add bloat and therefore decrease CD space for additional apps. Examples include, but are not limited to Nero & WinZIP. Additionally, the menu system is purposefully not alphabetized - it is highly customized, and in the order I want it.

Here are some general guidelines regarding miniPEВІ-XT
More to come as I think of them...

* requires a minimum of 128MB to run a minimal amount of apps. The more RAM you have, the greater likelihood that all apps will work correctly. I have 512MB on an old Dell PIII 500mHz and all apps work. If an app doesn't work, there's a good chance you don't have a enough memory.
* Some apps will simply not work exactly as they do in regular Windows. Just accept it - it is a consequence of PE, which is NOT a replacement operating system.
* Colors look bad on screen? - this is usually due to onboard graphics, often Intel Extreme Onboard Graphics. There is no fix Crying or Very sad.
* One of these days, I'll get around to writing a tutorial on how to update the AV definitions. It's not that difficult for "power" users, but may be a little daunting for those with limited experience.
Coming soon...
* "'Such-and-such' app comes up as unregistered" - my guess is you are running miniPE from within Windows and not as a bootCD. To fully appreciate miniPE's power, you should boot FROM the CD - you may have to change a BIOS setting to have your computer's first boot device to be the CD drive. Alternately, some newer Dells require you to press F12 during boot to have an option menu appear that will allow you to boot from the CD.
* Winternals apps "greyed out" - you must select the first menu option and define where your Windows installation resides - then return to the Winternals menu and the apps will be available.

miniPE is a suite of apps that fit on a CD.

firefox to portable
7-zip 4.57 Final

filezilla to v3.03
opera to 9.23.8808
winrar to 3.71
acronis true image workstation 9.1 build 3886
password renew to 1.1 beta
cpu-z to 1.40.5
UltraISO to
free undelete to Free Undelete 2.0
Fabs Autobackup to 2.1.0
Nod32 Antivirus to 2.70.39
deep burner to PRO
Nero burning rom to
ghost32 to v11

Acronis Disk Director 10
Added Kaspersky AV v4 Personal
Test Disk (HDD scanner/repair)
Avira AntiVir Version 7


12-06-2007 unofficial Virus Update Pack
12-08-2007 Kaspersky v4 Defs
9-17-2007 Antivir ver 7 defs

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46 Adobe Photoshop Actions For Text Effects

46 Adobe Photoshop Actions For Text Effects | 1.25 MB

Graffiti Fonts Net Fonts Collection-BMS

Total 911, December 2007

Total 911, December 2007
PDF | English | 22.9 MB

The Porsche magazine.

Carrera 2.7 RS
Here's an RS with a real story to tell, and doesn't it look wonderful, too?

997 GT2
The latest incarnation of Porsche's rear-wheel-drive Turbo is a truly great 911.

AP Racing 964RS
Well, it's not a genuine RS but we love this lookalike just as much as the real thing.

996 GT3 Buyers' Guide
The 997 version may be with us, but the previous GT3 is still a formidable car and a great second-hand buy.


For countries, US, DE, ES, GB, FR, IT, CA, PT, NL, BE, RU,
download here

For other countries,
download here

Rail Simulator 2007

This is the game that Rail enthusiasts have been waiting for! Rail Simulator provides the most realistic simulation of trains possible on a PC. Plus we provide you, the player, with powerful tools to create your own railway world.

full ISO format


Crocodile ICT 605

Crocodile ICT 605
5 A powerful tool for teaching control and programming. Use a simple flowchart interface to write programs which control either human characters or on-screen animations, making complex programming concepts easily accessible to all.

Free Download Here